10 Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Mums In 2020

10 Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Mums In 2020

Ok so it's that time of the year again!


Cj starts to get cranky…

The weather gets STUPID hot… 

Drinking crazy amounts of water to avoid headaches…


But also the good stuff!


BBQ’s in the park…

Drinks with friends and loved ones…

Christmas carols that get stuck in your head…

Dressing up and having fun!


And let’s not forget the food! 


Also recently many families have taken to doing Elf on the Shelf. A little red critter that gets into mischief and plays pranks! 


Now if you have never heard of it for some reason he is basically an Elf doll that is sent to keep and eye on the kids and report back to the big guy (Santa lol). He is magical and can’t be touched by the kids or he loses his magic (If you are really worried, put a note out that if you touch him he has to go back to Santa and report back)


He plays pranks, gets up to mischief, teaches kids lessons, and brings craft things to the kids during the night… Or as CJ puts it what was a busy night before Christmas is now a busy month lol!


(I swear he is getting better, truth is not the worst grinch I know) 


Now the downside to doing this is at about 8 pm each night you ask yourself “what is elf going to do tonight?”


So below are some of the favs we have done or added to our idea list. Now I will say this, I like craft stuff but at night it’s Ashlee chill time so I go for simple and easy...


#1 Elf on the self quarantine!

This is a good idea to have nothing for 2 weeks haha and you can get pretty creative with it. We were going to use a jar to house him and a little note to explain what’s going on.


#2 Elf on the self workout 

A simple toothpick, straw or pen with some marshmallows makes it some fun! Especially if you add in some interesting backgrounds.


#3 Elf on the self hanging out

This is a fav of ours. Use a candy cane as a hook and with a bit of string you can attach him to just about anything! Christmas trees, fans, doorways, picture frames, it's really endless… 


#4 Elf on the self teacher 

Make up a classroom with your other toys and Elf on the shelf as the teacher. Super cute! Blackboards/whiteboards, chairs and other classroom stuff comes in handy.


#5 Elf on the self ambush 

Elf throws a party and doesn’t invite some other toys and they ambush him. Super fun with lego, remote controlled toys and “bad guys”.


#6 Elf on the shelf in the decorations

Simply set up elf in your decorations. It could be the tree in your lights, hanging out in some tensile. Go as big as you want just remember the gradient, don’t peak too early.


#7 Elf on the shelf snow angel

A bit of flour, coconut, or talc (avoid sugar for ants sake) and you have some simple snow angels. the kids love this one!


#8 Elf on the shelf Christmas Eve box

This is another fav of ours where the Elf on the self actually brings out Christmas Eve Box super easy and still fun. He usually puts a note with it to make it a little more ‘magical’.


#9 Elf on the shelf punishment

If the kids start getting a little wild, or do something that they don’t tell you this is a great way to teach honesty and some easy way for reflection on their actions. Let’s be fair, there is 11 months of the year where you can be the bad guy let Elf take this one.


#10 Elf on the shelf Christmas Day

Once Christmas day arrives Elf will go back with Santa but usually leave a note and tell the kids he will be watching. This is a super convenient way to wrap up the whole thing. Don’t miss the chance to do so!


There you have it, 10 simple ideas to do with your Elf on the shelf this year. Now you might be thinking what does it matter… It does, picking a tone/style for your elf will make it way easier in the future!  



If you can actually play a scene out over a few days it's really fun. 

Day 1 climb the picture frame. 

Day 2 latch on to the fan

Day 3 at the bottom with a roll of toilet paper

Day 4 Tee-pee the fan


Really use your creativity! The kids love it and hell so do the parents, it’s become a little thing that CJ and I do as a couple of a night time and it makes  the season a lot more festive.


If you are like most people at this time of the year it's crazy busy so if you need to pour a wine, or get the ice cream tub and get your Elf on... DO IT!


Now if you don't wanna deal with the BS of telling your partner what to get you this Christmas CJ did a guide on some of the research that you can send to hubby/ partner.

Check it out >> 6 killer Gift Ideas For Her This Christmas The Mans Guide


Remember to be kind to yourself at this time of the year.

You got this!


Much love,

Ash xx


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