3 Hidden Gems Every Mum Needs In Their Go To Skin Care Routine

3 Hidden Gems Every Mum Needs In Their Go To Skin Care Routine

Let's drop the BS and be honest…

Picking the right skin care is ssoo overwhelming!

When you find something that is “ok” you cling onto it like a baby Orangutan on mums back…

 Believe me I know because like you I have been there too…

Trying everything that you can possibly imagine from supermarket nasties to organic to high-end “don’t tell CJ” sort of products. 

You know what happened every time though, they half did what I needed. 

It would be a good cleanser but leave my skin feeling dry…

The moisturiser would feel great during the day but for hours after it felt like I had a wet face cloth on…

Or it just would have a strong chemical smell…

I thought that was just the way it would be. That was until thanks to my Mother-in-law I got connected and eventually hired by this little business on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

I had never heard of them even though they were 5 minutes up the road…

They hired me to come in and help with some admin and social media which isn’t important




In the process I started to use their products (figured why not when it’s right there) 

That is when I discovered these 3 hidden gems that next to no-one knew about (outside their tight-knit community).

It completely changed my skin care routine and they quickly became my go to skin care products.

These 3 gems from a company called EVOHE


Go To Skin Care Products #1

EVOHE Cleanse

EVOHE cream cleanser

Website Description; A rich creamy cleanser which works to deeply cleanse skin, while balancing the skin’s natural oils. A nourishing formula that is ideal for all skin types, especially dry or aging skin.

My 2 cents: Honestly this is the only cleanser that I will use now, I have tried a few others from recommendations since leaving EVOHE and it was a terrible mistake. Super easy to use and really versatile as well. Makeup removal, everyday or in case a breakouts this is the go to skin care product for me

Check Out the EVOHE Cleanse Here


Go To Skin Care Product #2

EVOHE Omega 3.6.9

EVOHE Omega 3.6.9

Website Description; A nurturing and nourishing facial serum which provides deep hydration for all skin types. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and plenty of Aussie ingredients to improve overall skin tone while soothing, healing and repairing skin.


My 2 cents: This stuff is fricken amazing! It was because of the Omega 3.6.9 that I had NO STRETCH MARKS during my pregnancy… CJ also uses it (more than he will admit) I love that I combine this with the EVOHE colours for mineral colours for an everyday makeup in 2 mins flat that looks amazing!

 Check Out EVOHE Omega 3.6.9 Here

Go To Skin Care Product #3

EVOHE Silica Face Mask

EVOHE Silica Face Mask

Website Description; A soothing and refining natural facial clay mask to gently remove dead and congested skin layers. This potent formula works to refine skin tone and texture allowing moisture to be absorbed into skin effectively. Great for acne prone skin.


My 2 cents: If you don’t have this you are crazy! It is like this magical stuff that you put on and then actually buff/rub off and you look 21 again… Ok not quite but seriously there is no mistake that there is a small size in our Book-A-Break products. 


Check Out The EVOHE Silica Mask Here



Now while all of that is amazing and you should definitely check out their products (use the code “THELILMOMENTS” to save 10%) that was nothing compared to why…

It was the why behind the company that came from founder Meghan Kurts that really changed the way I looked at skin care…


In fact her “why” was what took my skin care routine from a cut and dry chore to understanding self care. She gave me ideas for self care, showed me the importance of a self care kit and lead by example on all the different ways you can actually do your self-care routine.


Meghan is just a normal mum in so many ways but also she is an author, she is the CEO and Co-Founder of EVOHE and never compromising endeavour to  create a revolution in natural & luxurious skin care, that is 100% Palm Oil Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

She is someone that I am blessed to call a friend and it was with that knowledge she shared that I continued to grow as I became a mum that ultimately gave birth to the idea of a “Book-A-Break”.


I can not recommend the EVOHE products enough. We are proud to have them in out Book-A-Break Boxes and can not wait to be your go to stockist for the go to skin care that every mum needs.


If you want to try them out use the code “THELILMOMENTS” and you will save some cash-ola at the checkout.


Much love, 

Ash xx 

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