6 Killer Gift Ideas For Her This Christmas - The Mans Guide

6 Killer Gift Ideas For Her This Christmas - The Mans Guide

Argh it's Christmas season...

... again its here and us husbands/partners/boyfriends are once again stuck going “It’ll be right I got time…”

Take it from the “master puter-offer”... 

You don’t have time!

Hey it’s CJ from The Lil Moments team (Ashlee’s hubby) and I am here to give the men the low-down on what is what this year for Christmas…

That means ladies… Send this to your man without reading it!

Now that is handled, let’s get into it.

First off, I am a straight up Grinch… I don’t mean to be but I just don’t see the fuss, however I know Ashlee loves Christmas more than Mrs. Claus and Rudolph combined so I suck it up…

And every year it’s worth it to see her face!

But if you sit there every year trying to figure out what you are going to get this year for Christmas for those special people in your life… and then December 20 rolls around and you freak out like a seagull at the beach chasing a chip then this article is for you.

Now I am no stranger to sitting down and Googling “gifts for her”, gifts for my wife for Christmas, Christmas gifts for mums and so on… 

You know what I come up with though, some BS thing that is out of my budget or random shit that makes you say “I am not even sure she like Tibetan throat singing so why is there a book, music, and lesson bundle here!”

(True god random shit like that happens all the frickin time!)

Any way with everything being a little crazy in 2020 and looking like we will actually have both boys for Christmas (Fuck you rona!) I thought I better up my game.

So in this article we will cover gifts for her that I have found and looked into, and what you need to know…


Gifts For Her This Christmas...

This is always bloody hard! I don’t want flowers because they just die, jewellery is great but you're probably running out of room after the last 153 times… Right?

Dinner out is great but doesn’t seem to last and feels just as much as about you as her. 

That leaves a few options:

Option 1: Ultimate Luxury

A Day Spa trip with a massage, a mani & pedi, some wine and a face mask with top notch skin care.

Can be a little pricey (150-$300 depending on the place) and you will likely get in the 💩  for spending too much.


Option 2: The stuff you ignored 

Some weird house gadget or clothes thing she has told you about… Think back it is there! Lets run through a few:

  • “Clothes that fit” is 100% a trap, do not do it! And do not buy her a gift card for her to do it…
  • Kitchen appliance that does something that your other one does but just slightly better and is a pain to clean… In all honesty this can work depending on your relationship, if you think she will take it like you want her to cook more this is not a gift for her!


Option 3: The Book-A-Break Box

Self-care kits or self care boxes are a HUGE winner! I mean come on you know how hard she works and all the amazing things that she does for you and the family, so if you are wanting her to get some self care ideas this is it.

When we were creating our Book-A-Break Box it was all because Ashlee would be so busy looking after the rest of the family she would forget about herself and I would have to remind her!

5 star review - Highly recommended for anyone that needs a break!

Our Book-A-Break will range from $29.95 - $49.95 (With the introduction of the Mini Version Coming Soon), it’s designed as the Ultimate Break in the house.

We have candles (smelly things man!), Bath salts, Luxury Face Mask, Lip Balm, and tie it all together with our signature Book-a-Break Card that literally makes her choose when to have the break.


Option 4: If she is a fitness junkie

This is for the Active ladies… They are called “Massage Guns” and it will be a great gift for her this Christmas. They range from $50-$500 but can really make a difference for the sore and tight muscles. (I have one and it was about $50 works great!)


Option 5: Be Warned Only the brave!

All Natural Luxury Skin Care - It’s a big call but can go really well if you have been paying attention. We use a really great brand called EVOHE and they offer some amazing products. Well worth the look at www.evohe.com.au

Ashlee worked there a few years ago, it's all we use in our house and they make the Silica Face Mask in our Book-A-Break Boxes. If this is something you want to try use the code "THELILMOMENTS" at the checkout and you will save 10%.


Option 6: If she is on the go

For the busy and tech savvy women… There are so many cool wearables on the market now. They can actually make life easier for the wear. From the Apple watch to a Samsung version to Garmin variety built for tough conditions.

And it goes WAY beyond watches too… Rings, Headsets and heart rate monitors are coming in all shapes, sizes AND BUDGETS!


So there you have it! 

The 6 best options that I have come up with for Christmas 2020. Now if you are still stuck on what to pick my suggestion is get the Book-A-Break Box.

… but don’t worry I’ll hook you up just don’t tell Ashlee ok… Use the code “BroCode” at checkout to get a sneaky saving for some schooners over the festive break.


Talk soon, 

CJ “looking out for the lads” Flood.

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