7 Sure Fire Ways To Find 60 Minutes Of Me-time This Week

7 Sure Fire Ways To Find 60 Minutes Of Me-time This Week

Let’s start out by addressing the obvious…

We are fucking busy!

As women we typically hold the office of CEO…

CEO of the family that is!


My name is Ashlee Flood and I am a wife, mum, step-mum, founder of The Lil Moments and certainly asking myself “how can I make this easier on myself?”

between family, career, cooking, cleaning, social obligations and don’t even start me on laundry!

This makes that "Me-time" near impossible to get, so we are going to require being a little creative, having an open mind, and approaching things in a different way.

First off I just want to say I see you, I feel you and I think we can all do a little better. I am NOWHERE near perfect, and I am forever grateful for the support that I get…

But I want to make things a bit easier for all of us, so here is my promise.

If you do just one of the things listed in this article then you will have a few extra minutes of peace and quiet. Do them all and apply the process to everything else in your life and I can promise you that you will find that extra 60 minutes!


Let’s start out by reevaluating what it is that we currently know…

  1. We are fucking busy!
  2. We are always tired…
  3. The list never seems to bloody end!

I think it is reasonable to say that 99% of women these days would say at least 1 of those 3 apply if not all! Am I right?

But luckily I have picked up a few tricks from people, seen my own mistakes, and creatively come up with solutions with my husband (CJ, is the other half of the team at The Lil Moments)

Let’s dig in…

Now I am going to take you through what I do in my situation, this should either apply/closely apply or give you some inspiration to apply it in your own situation.

1: The weekly grocery shopping

There was a point a few months ago where between having to decide what to eat, work, cooking for Cooper (our 16 month old), cooking for us, then cleaning I was just fricken done! Same with CJ…

Now we always did it as a team but still it was literally making us just not wanting to eat. Worse still we would turn to some takeaway options which left us feeling like crap anyway!

That was until we had this random guy knock on our door and tell us about HelloFresh. Now we had tried in the past and it wasn’t that successful for us then. This time they changed it up and with the special offer that the random gave us we thought why not.

If you don’t know HelloFresh it is a meal service that allows you to pick your meals and then delivers all the ingredients to you each week! And it is all done through there app… 

HelloFresh became more like Hello Time! 

Yes you still have to cook them but you can pick the speedy, calorie smart, vegetarian, and other options too. There is no lock in contract and you can skip a week if you want all right from your app


The really unexpected thing is that we actually reduced our waste, waistline and saved some cash at the same time! If you are worried about the delivery it all comes in a cooler bag with Ice bricks to make sure nothing goes off :) 

They even do things like Christmas boxes… I mean come on!


Click here: If you want to save $50 your first box 

Transparency: Yes that will also mean we earn a $50 credit but who doesn't wanna share the love ❤️ 


This should free up a bunch of time in the week you can do other things therefore creating a gap for some of your own me time… Sounds like a bath is in your future 😉 🛀🏼


2: Wash, Hang and Fold in one go!

I have a confession… Laundry is my most hated chore, particularly folding and putting things away. I don’t know what it is but it does my head in. Add in CJ who lives in the same 5 outfits and basically treats a washing basket like a wardrobe it becomes hard to not let pile up and then you are doing 4 hours of laundry in one hit 🤮


After getting the shits with it a while back I started doing it all in one hit (which makes sense to the average human 😅) I started folding and putting things away as soon as it came off the line. 


The biggest thing that made this easier was the fact that I actually hanf things on the coat hangers as they go on the line, this makes it easier and quicker for hanging them but also putting them away.


While yes that was easier, it actually saved me a bunch of time each week! Instead of having to dedicate an entire morning to just that I can do it is smaller loads between my day throughout the week.


3: Create a menu of meals your family likes

This is different from meal prep. I actually got this idea from my mum. My step-son (Seth) is terrible at trying new foods and will eat the same thing day in and out like CJ 🤦‍♀️


But the last trip that he came up instead of having to make it hard everyday then add in the extra trips to the shops it became a real time suck! 

So we did up a menu of meals that we all ate and enjoyed (including him in the process #lifelessons) and then each weekend we sat down and planned it out. We decided on breakfast, lunch and dinner.


This counter intuitive approach not only saved time each day in deciding or asking Seth “What do you want for lunch?” but also in the shop process I knew exactly what we were having and was able to rip in and get it done in no time!


Sometimes it’s not only about the time but also the energy to do something. I know after running around after Cooper all day I do not want to be asking “what do you want for dinner?” every bloody day!


4: House work

I don’t know about you but I like a clean house. Now I am painfully aware that people live in it and it won’t always stay that way so what do you do? Now I am talking about the cleaning side of things not tidying up (ugh toys!🙄).


The best trick that I have found is doing a deep clean on a schedule (you can pick your intervals) and then touch up as we go. The time span is different between each thing. 


Bathrooms are great for this… When it comes time to clean the bathroom I will spray the shower screen, toilet and basin down, get undressed and scrub the shower, rinse while I shower, hop out and dry off, quickly do the toilet and basin (super easy by this time) and then I am done!


It is like 5 jobs in 1 lol! Seriously though I find it makes the whole thing super easy and fast! Time saved is time earned... That "Me-time" will be worth the break.


5: Get it delivered Or Click 'N' Collect (Shop online)

Sometimes I enjoy heading to the shops looking at things and taking in a bit of retail therapy. But that isn’t that often really… 


So instead of having to head to the shops each week shop online! From groceries, to Kmart and Big W, Bunnings, Dan Murphys and even things like makeup, skincare, supplements and health foods are all available to get online!


You can get wine and pre-workout sent to your house without having to put on pants… Welcome to 2020 people! 


Now something to keep in mind with online shopping is that it is actually a skill. It requires patience and preparedness. You likely won’t get the entire family groceries in the first try, but you will knock a bunch of it over and that means more time for you during the week!


6: Meal prep where you can

Meal prep is one of those things that can be elusive but really it doesn’t need to be. It is simply about getting prepared mentally and in the kitchen.


Most of our meal prep is for our lunches or for Cooper. It basically means we just cook a little extra that we can throw in the microwave without really having to think. 


This really ties into #1. Another thing that CJ does is meal replacement shakes. While that is not a good long term solution he knows it keeps the Hanger at bay lol!


8: Be like Santa... make a list, and check it twice!

There is actual scientific evidence that says how much making a list can be helpful. It frees up the mental space to be able to tackle things that may pop up.


But making a list can also be completely useless for your productivity if you don’t do it the right way! There are lists that are helpful and lists that aren’t 

Lists that are helpful:

  1. To-do list for today and tomorrow, if you are planning a big week maybe do that but not any further into the future. 
  2. Shopping lists - this is another helpful one but be sure you do it in a way so you don’t forget to bring it with you.
  3. Daily must’s - This is a list that is helpful for the person that days the same set of things most days. (Business owners, new mums or homeschoolers etc) it may only be a few things but it is good to have it setup up for each day.

Believe it or not there is actually lists that will cause you to get overwhelmed, stressed and feeling anxious these are the ‘bad lists’.

Bad lists include:

  1. A list of things you CAN NOT control - the power of a list is it frees up mental space but if its something you can’t control then it actually just makes it worse.
  2. Unrealistic to-do’s - if you write a list of 346 things to get done in 30 minutes you will feel nothing but defeated and disappointed. While you can have a list of that size just frame it as “what 1 or 2 things can i get done now?”
  3. To far into the future - don’t get a list and calendar confused (easily done) have your list focus on what you can do right now or tomorrow don’t list things too far out otherwise if you miss it, something comes up or priorities change it is just an open loop.

Boom! 💥 Me-time come at ya!

There you have it! 8 sure fire ways to find 60 minutes of time this week… But how does this translate into some “Me-time” or self care time for you?


The best way is to not so much try and find 60 minutes out of 1 day but 10-15 minutes each day that you can then stack it all into a lil Me-time for you.


If you get the shopping done easily because you use HelloFresh and create a menu then book that time saved for your break.  

If you are stuck for inspiration on what to do for your Me-time or self care time why not Book-A-Break? 



The Book-A-Break box is designed to create a Spa-like experience at home for a fraction of the time or money invested.  It provides the ultimate relaxation and decompression delivered straight to your door. 

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Hope this helps you find that a lil moment just for you. 


Much Love

Ash xx

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