The 4 Different Areas Of Self-Care For Mums

The 4 Different Areas Of Self-Care For Mums

Maybe you snapped at someone…

Maybe it’s 1130pm on a Tuesday and you are waiting for the washing…

Maybe you are in the bathroom hiding dreading leaving…

Whatever has happened to bring you here I want you to know that you will be ok, you are not a bad mum, and certainly are a person that is worth it.

Now that we know that let’s get into why it is that you are here. You are either exploring how to take better care of yourself and practice self-care or you are looking to expand your self-care ideas.

Either way is fine! 

If you are brand new you can check out The Self-Care beginners Guide Here >>

So What is Self-Care really all about?

Put simply… Self-Care is understanding that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

It is understanding that without looking after yourself you can never be the VERY BEST mum, wife, friend to those around you!

To fill your cup you need to identify which areas need the most attention.

What Are The 4 Areas Of Self-Care?

There are 4 different areas that we need to maintain to live a balanced, happy fulfilling life. They all share equal importance however, we tend to favour 1 or 2 and naturally maintain them.

That means that you can either double down on what is working, maintain what is working, and slowly raise the areas that are behind or go for a full shake up on what isn’t working.

There is no right or wrong way however from our experience maintaining what’s working and slowly raising the other areas yields the most sustainable results.

Now each area is broken up into 2 different ways;

  1. Passive - Strengthened through good consistent lifestyle choices.
  2. Practiced - Strengthened through a conscious effort to work on that area.

The most important thing to remember with Self-care is it’s not just a girls not out that will fix it. While that might hold things a bay for a bit you really need to be consistent with it and develop a healthy love for it.

The Four Key Areas Of Self-Care

  1. The Physical; These are all things that we can see, feel, and touch.
  2. The Emotional; Everything that involves our emotions
  3. The Social; This all about our relationships. Kids, spouse, friends, family
  4. The Spiritual; No matter your belief this is all about what is bigger than us humans.
4 areas of self care. Woman journaling, standing tall, meditating, and talking

    Now that you know the areas what is the difference between passive and practiced? It is pretty simple really;

      • Passive = Proper sleep health, a healthy diet, and regular exercise
      • Practiced = taking a bath, getting your nails or hair done
      • Passive = acknowledge and express the emotions that are true for you.
      • Practiced = gratitude journaling, daily setup and debrief, date night
        • Passive = Good communication within your family unit, experience, and enjoying time together, letting go of the past
        • Practiced = Date night, Playdates, coffee meetups, having friends over, game nights, ditching the drama-filled relationships
          • Passive = regular acknowledgment of your spiritual beliefs (god, source, the universe, angel cards just whatever is true for you)
          • practiced = Yoga, meditation, church

            So what area is it that needs some attention?

            The reality is no one is perfect...  That goes for me the most I think haha!

            But the truth is we all need to work on some areas so no matter what area/s need some work go do it.

            It’s not a “you better otherwise…” statement but just the fact that I know and have seen the difference that just a small improvement can make.

            After all, life is meant to be enjoyed… Right?

            Don’t stress the past focus on the future…

            I know that sometimes I snap, get burnt out, or just have an off day. That is ok! Whatever has happened to lead you to this point do not stress it. Focus on what you can do moving forward.

            I don’t know where to start?

            If you are struggling to make sense of this all and don’t know where to start I would recommend that you check out our Book-A-Break Box. 

            It is the all-round approach for the regular self-care.

            What is inside?

            “Book-A-Break Box” that had everything a mum could want for the ultimate break. We added some great stuff like;

            1. The Book-A-Break Card - To make sure you actually get your break.
            2. The Lil Moments Soak - Unique blend of bath salts
            3. The Lil Moments Burn - hand-poured candle
            4. The Lil Moments Breathe Balm - lip balm to remind you throughout the day

            Plus some extra special surprises to really help you enjoy your break. 

            The power of this isn’t just in the products but the conscious act of actually booking your break increases the likelihood that you will actually get it!

            Instead of being just another “should” on a list in your head it becomes planned and shared with someone else.

            If we all prioritise our self-care day to day chaos and noise becomes much more manageable!

            With love,

            Ashlee "Had to learn this the hard way" Flood

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