The Beginners Guide To Self-Care For Mums

The Beginners Guide To Self-Care For Mums

Do you ever feel like you need a break?

Or that you could sleep for a month?

Or the one that always gets me... feeling like the last time you woke up rested was back when the Backstreet Boys always cranked from the CD player…

(If you just went 🎶 "Backstreets back, Alright!" 🎶  we are officially friends!)


There has been an upward trend in the word “self-care” since about 2015, but what is self-care REALLY all about?

That's what we are going to answer today. But first, let's talk about what self-care isn’t

What Self-Care Isn’t…

There is a strong push back on the term self-care because when people hear it they think about spending all day at the spa each week, being out all night with the girls, or treating everyone else’s needs as less important than your own.


That is being an ego-driven pain in the arse!

It not about being all high and mighty, it isn’t about being off with the fairies because you are so enlightened, or treating your husband like crap because he doesn’t cater to your needs! (Yes, I have seen this SSOOO much!)

It’s not sitting on a yoga mat for 5 days meditating or only eating organic non-GMO, Gluten free, dairy free, meat free, vegan friendly…

It’s not getting upset at people for doing them (even if you don’t agree)...

The biggest thing to remember is that Self-Care isn’t only about you, its about your kids, husband, friends, colleagues, and people you bump into…

So What is Self-Care really all about?

Put simply… Self-Care is understanding that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

It is understanding that without looking after yourself you can never be the VERY BEST mum, wife, friend to those around you!

The fact that it is called “Self-Care” has a stigma about it that says either “I am more important than everyone else or Self-Care is only for those that can’t handle it” is just crazy!

Because of this realisation that I started The Lil Moments with CJ. It was a conscious decision by both of us to Reinvent Self Care.

To demystify and remove the stigma around it and actually show people the incredible benefits of Self Care.

What Are The Benefits Of Self Care?

There are many benefits to self-care and they are so wide-ranging too!

They include;

  1. Reduced Stress
  2. Reduced Anxiety
  3. Greater happiness
  4. Better productivity
  5. Stronger relationships
  6. Heightened awareness of the present moment
  7. Less mental noise
  8. Increased Sex drive
  9. Increased Confidence
  10. Greater Appreciation of others
  11. Strengthened immune system
  12. And… You have more to give! To people, tasks, relationships EVERYTHING!

The benefits of regular self-care are near limitless. Now you just need to decide on what you will do.

How To Practice Self Care...

First of you need to understand a few key things,

First, wanting some time to Self-Care isn’t weak and certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t love those around you.

There are 3 types of Self-Care and they should be used in conjunction with one another; (Read More about them here)

  1. Spontaneous - spontaneous self-care throughout the day ranging from 1-10 minutes in length.
  2. Regular Panned - This is usually 1-2 times per week ranging from 30 - 90 minutes 
  3. The special times -  This is 1-3 times per 90 days and can go for 2 hours- the day.

There are 4 Areas of self-care with two different modes (passive = good day to day living, and practiced = things we do to work on those areas) so chose what works for you;

  1. Physical
    1. Passive = Proper sleep health, a healthy diet, and regular exercise
    2. Practiced = taking a bath, getting your nails or hair done.
  2. Emotional 
    1. Passive = acknowledge and express the emotions that are true for you.
    2. Practiced = gratitude journaling, daily setup and debrief
  3. Social 
    1. Passive = Good communication within your family unit, experience, and enjoying time together, letting go of the past
    2. Practiced = Playdates, coffee meetups, having friends over, game nights, ditching the drama-filled relationships
  4. Spiritual 
    1. Passive = regular acknowledgment of your spiritual beliefs (god, source, the universe, angel cards just whatever is true for you)
    2. practiced = Yoga, meditation, church

What Now?!

Now that you have a better understanding of what self-care is and what it isn’t, how you can do it both passively and practiced, with the acknowledgment that it is both for you and your health as well as those around you.

Now you can start to think and identify areas that need work and ones that you are crushing it. (NOTE: Be sure to see where you are doing well)

We recommend a few times a day and once a week as a minimum to gain momentum. That could be each time you put on your lip balm you take 3 deep breaths and have a soak in a warm bath.

We at The Lil Moments created products to make this easier and more effective for the everyday mum.

Self-Care isn’t selfish so next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed or run down have the awareness to get some time to look after you.

With love,


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