Book-A-Break Box | Ultimate "Me-time" Self-care Box

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We help dynamic and passionate mums who care about self-care make the most of the time they get with a specially designed self-care box that leaves you rested, re-connected, and re-energised 😇🤗

The "Book-A-Break Box" is a range designed to create a Spa like-experience at home with the ease and convenience of not having to put on a bra.

It provides the ultimate relaxation and decompression delivered straight to your door to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home on your schedule.

Key Benefits:

As a busy woman, it is very easy to fall into the trap of not getting enough "Me-time". Let’s start out by addressing the obvious. We are f#$%ing busy! But the truth is that "Me-time" or self-care time has HUGE benefits:

  • Prevent stress and anxiety 😌 
  • Fight off Fatigue 😴 
  • FEEL Happier! 😇 
  • Be more productive 🤩 
  • Have more energy 💪🏼 
  • Boost your immune system 🙌🏼

Plus there is so much more! The Book-A-Break Box is specifically catering to busy women to create a spa-like experience at home, on your schedule.


What's inside?

Besides having our propriety "Book-A-Break" card specifically designed to make sure as a busy woman or mum you get your break.

We included:

  1. A blend of bath salts to soothe a sore and tired body
  2. A soothing and refining natural facial clay mask to gently remove dead and congested skin layers.
  3. A hand-poured vanilla lip balm
  4. A soy slightly lavender-scented candle to tie the experience together

When it is all used together it creates a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home.


How To Use:

Inside you will find a super easy to follow set of instructions to walk you through the entire process which comes down to 4 steps.

  1. Book - It is time to use the Book-A-Break card and chose when it best suits you and your family to have your break.
  2. Breathe - Clearing your mind and taking a few deep breaths as you begin to apply your Silica face mask will make the experience significantly more relaxing for you.
  3. Bath - Once you have the bath at your desired temperature and depth step in and relax as you lay down and feel the water wash any unwanted stress, frustration, and pent-up emotion away. 
  4. Buff - Buff the face mask off unclogging your pores, removing dead skin, and leaving a smooth finish behind. (You can do this in the bath or once you hope out. See the Silica instruction card for more details)


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