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De-Stress In 60 Minutes OR LESS!

The worlds first self-care system delivered to your door is here!

 The Book-A-Break Box is the self care system in a box that uses the latest research to create a step by step system that balances out the natural stress hormone our bodies produce.



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What's inside the 'Deluxe' Box?

Besides having our propriety "Book-A-Break" card specifically designed to make sure as a busy woman or mum you get your break.

We included:

  1. Full size blend of bath salts to soothe the body, whilst replenishing the magnesium to aid with restful sleep.
  2. Full size 165g soy lavender-scented candle to help with relaxation, with a massive 24+ hours burn time.
  3. Full size EVOHE Cream Cleanse  which works to deeply cleanse skin, while balancing the skin’s natural oils.
  4. 1 months supply (5-10 applications) of EVOHE Silica natural facial clay mask to gently remove dead and congested skin layers.
  5. Full size hand-poured vanilla lip balm to use a reminder to stop and take a breath.
  6. Hand made cotton headband to keep your hair out of your face while using the face mask


We all know that stress is bad, but do you know why, how bad and how you can change it?


Unlike Eustress; the good kind of stress from things like exercising, trying something new or doing something challenging.


Distress is the nasty kind that causing havoc on our mental and physical health in the fast paced modern society. From increased depression, weakened immune systems, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure and MORE the effects of stress can not be overstated.


That is where we come in...

We help dynamic and passionate mums who care about self-care make the most of the time they get with a specially designed self-care system that leaves you rested, re-connected, and re-energised 😇🤗


    When it is all used together it creates a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home.

    The "Book-A-Break Box" is a range designed to create a Spa like-experience at home with the ease and convenience of not having to put on a bra.

    It provides the ultimate relaxation and decompression delivered straight to your door to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home on your schedule.

    Key Benefits:

    As a busy woman, it is very easy to fall into the trap of not getting enough "Me-time". Let’s start out by addressing the obvious. We are f#$%ing busy! But the truth is that "Me-time" or self-care time has HUGE benefits:

    • Prevent stress and anxiety 😌 
    • Fight off Fatigue 😴 
    • FEEL Happier! 😇 
    • Be more productive 🤩 
    • Have more energy 💪🏼 
    • Boost your immune system 🙌🏼

    Plus there is so much more! The Book-A-Break Box is specifically catering to busy women to create a spa-like experience at home, on your schedule.


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